Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the adventures of Chicago

today we all had an exciting adventure
first,we went to skydeck which is a place were you can see all if Chicago
then,we went to the art institute of Chicago,we just meandered around for a while
finally,we went to magie daily park which is a really cool park
well,that is all I have to say for today folks


  1. Dear Lollipop, Sounds like a great and exhausting day. Thanks for posting. I love to read what it has been like for you. I love you lots, Graham Cracker

  2. I'm really enjoying your posts. While I've happily read each one, I haven't posted anything before today. It means a lot to me that you singled me out in your second, "The Leaving Day," post. Your posts, through the commentary and pic's, tell about the trip from a very different perspective than your Mom does. I really like them. I hope you'll keep it up.
    Love -Grandpa