Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Leaving Day

Today I am leaving for the first camp ground in New York.
                          A five hour drive with one stop,yikes!!!!!!!!!
I want to say goodbye to my best friends,Kylie,Isabelle,Jordan,Chloe,Kaley,Alexa,and Ava.
                         to my grandpa and my grandmother,my aunts and uncles and everybody else!!!!!
We are starting to listen to the Penderwiks on tape.
                       We are driving 3,000 miles to San Francisco and 3,000 back.
3000+3000=6000 miles all together,wow.  

 We are leaving at around 8:30.It is poring out though,but it should end soon thankfully.
Well,I just wanted to say goodbye and say some of my thoughts.Have a safe and wonderful summer everybody,post again soon, BYE

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